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Adventure Time!! by MirrorWeiss Adventure Time!! :iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 1
Game of Kings Chapter 12
Eames didn’t stop to catch his breath until he was securely tucked into the warehouse, the door bolted in his wake. It was instinct that resulted in him locking the door. He knew enough about this game to know that whoever it was that was after them would be more inclined to break the door down than try the handle first. He didn’t have to think too hard to put a name with the face of his pursuer’s client. Antoine was back which could only mean Asagi was dead or in on the game. The second less likely than the first where Antoine was concerned. Asagi would have been a useful pawn to the former Architect, stupid and greedy, easy to manipulate without the pawn ever knowing he was being sacrificed on a proverbial chess board.
As he swallowed lungful’s of stale air, his body still tightly coiled from adrenaline overload, he couldn’t help but wonder why he had returned to the warehouse. Less than a year prior, such a chase would have meant using his team as decoy
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
A Flaw in the Mind's Eye by MirrorWeiss A Flaw in the Mind's Eye :iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 1 2
Game of Kings Chapter 11
The early afternoon sun warmed the cobbled streets enough that Ariadne had found herself compelled to walk barefoot the straps of her shoes dangling from her fingers her chin cocked forward. Despite the notion that work awaited them when they reached the warehouse, relief had washed over her the moment she'd stepped into the street. Sure, she'd miss school but the prospects of the future seemed more welcoming than daunting. Arthur's usual stiffness seemed less so today. She made a mental note that the occasional clumsiness clearly had its payouts.
They sauntered slowly down the street, the conversation idling at times but never falling into a zone of discomfort for Ariadne. Arthur hadn't inquired about her plans now that school was over, something she found herself silently grateful for. Instead he mused about the weather, Paris, and their destination for lunch. She wanted to take his silence regarding her future as a sign he saw her becoming a permanent member of their team but warded
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Game of Kings Chapter 10
The guilt of inquiring after Miles weighed heavy on Cobb almost twenty-four hours after the fact. So much so, that he had skipped out on not only dinner the night beforehand and the graduation that afternoon. He would beg penance at a later time, and if Ariadne chose not to forgive him he'd decided he could live with that. Not that he wished her ill feelings upon him, but innocent lives were at stake this time around, even if Eames chose to believe otherwise. They couldn't have some crazed businessman unleashing hell upon them. Eames appeared to know little about Asagi other than his desire to figure out who Murningham had contacted, and Cobb was hesitant about finding out what Saito knew at this point. He and his former employer had not spoken since their return from Limbo, and Cobb was uncertain exactly how the man would react if he knew the extractor was back in the field, even unwillingly.
In the comfort of the warehouse Cobb once again went through the documents that Asagi had sen
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Frost Chapter 6
Fayiz stood alone in his chamber watching the sun break over the horizon. Rage coursed through his veins at the betrayal. It had been foolish to trust Anya of course, that he knew. But he had underestimated her greatly, for never did he imagine that she would use a sorceress to seek out Feriana's staff. He strummed his fingers along the window ledge and narrowed his eyes. He moved from his quarters down the hall and into the throne room. It was silent, the court and the servants still tucked away in the warmth and comfort of their beds unaware of exactly what was unfolding before their eyes. He moved to the throne and took a seat, flinging his right leg over the arm of the chair.
Things had changed far more than he had anticipated. Mortal man had risen up, rebelled against the sorceresses who had kept them safe over the years. He had anticipated a minor unruliness but the fact that from the history he had acquired spoke not of his master as a god of shadow but of a god usurped by the g
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Frost Chapter 5
The cover of darkness began to wane as they reached the border of the capital city. It had been far more difficult to escape than Frost had imagined it was going to be, but Lyosha had informed her that since her feat in the street outside the inn the night before, the king had put all his soldiers on high alert and double watch. When Frost had inquired what it was he meant when he said her feat, he snarled but didn't answer. She decided to drop the subject deciding that focusing on the task at hand was more important. Particularly because, she was unsure how long she would be able to remember exactly what it was she had set out to do, or how long she would remember the name of the knight at her side.
It had happened before, or at least she thought it had. Faces and names, once second nature becoming foreign and unfamiliar hours, weeks or on rare occasions sometimes months after she learned them. She hadn't told Anya her fears, hadn't told her that halfway to Feriana's land she was like
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Game of Kings Chapter 9
Eames leaned back in the wire chair of the café and exhaled with bliss. He knew that when the business of dreaming finally ran its course and it came time to retire he would pick Paris to settle down. No where else in the world could one get food so brilliantly prepared. Of course, he reminded himself, retirement would probably be short lived since the foods he found himself most drawn to were bathed in butter and a clogged artery would likely be his undoing. Oddly ironic considering the amount of close encounters with sharp things and bullets he had had.
Yusuf sipped his wine slowly, "Arthur is going to be pissed we stopped for lunch you know."
Eames shrugged, "Wouldn't be surprised if we beat them there mate, no way Ari will want to head straight there. Lord knows she's got to be a bit hungry herself and did you see those shoes? Quite uncomfortable if worn for more than a few hours, take my word for it."
Yusuf's brows furrowed together, "This is Ariadne we're talking about.
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Frost Chapter 4
Darkness had followed Anya's departure from the tower by mere minutes, leaving Frost to ponder why her once overpowering reluctance to assist the queen had wavered so quickly. The sorceress had seen a variety of options besides the trek that was awaiting her and had not been bluffing when she had said that death by the hands of a shadow god seemed far more befitting than spending the rest of time grasping at memories that drifted away far too quickly. And though she couldn't recall the face of her mother or father, couldn't remember what her last meal was, she knew the path to Feriana's land as if she'd just walked there day before. She still knew the path to every shrine in every corner of the Western Province and for reasons she couldn't explain, knew how to call upon every spell she had ever learned. She gripped her head, rubbing the veins that throbbed unmercifully in her temples.
The task required to halt the freeze and undo the return of the shadow god was not going to be a simpl
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Frost Chapter 3
The queen stared at her reflection in the looking glass. The headdress that she had adorned earlier that morning when the guards had dragged in that sorceress was splayed across her bed allowing her long blonde hair to spill over her shoulders and cascade down her back, ending in loose ringlets. She ran her right hand through the soft tendrils slowly trailing her fingers down her shoulders and breasts before settling on her stomach. The child was growing quickly; it would only be a few more months before the birth, and then what?
The question burned in her mind, nearly as badly as the realization that if the magic born ceased to exist she would have no one to blame but herself. She bit her lips until the metallic taste of blood soaked her tongue. Her mind flashed to the expression of the sorceress for a countless time and she thought again of her mother. Anya squeezed her eyes shut biding the tears to cease but they spilled across her cheeks regardless her pleas. Everything had fallen
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Frost Chapter 2
The woman opened her eyes slowly. The light that had blinded her before, and driven her from conscious thought had seceded and darkness surrounded her. She swallowed as her eyes adjusted to her surroundings and the realization that she was neither dead nor in the street any longer took hold. The icy chill of winter had sunk through her cloak and skin into her bones, burning her lungs with every breath. Somehow the guard's knife had not slashed her throat, and as she came to the conclusion she was locked in the prison tower, she half wished it had. She adjusted her weight and the chain they had affixed to her waist in the inn shifted making her bite her lower lip with rage. They had not killed her. No, instead they had left her weaponless in enemy territory.
The air, though colder than seemed plausible was still heavy with the stench of death and human waste. The dark jutting corners of her prison held within them secrets of those who had been housed here before her. And though she was
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Odyssey Project Chapter 5: Echoes and Promises
Kaylin clutched her skull urging the throbbing behind her eyes to cease. She exhaled the breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. Her body quivered with adrenaline. Destruction; it all made sense now. She was a weapon, and Darus needed her.
The darkness faded, washed away by flashing lights as she stumbled from the train once more. She was in a city now, the rush of foot traffic and vehicles echoing off glass buildings.
"It's disgusting."
Darus was standing a few feet away. Kaylin studied him. His body was rigid his jaw tense.
"You created it," Kaylin murmured walking across the street. He trailed behind her.
"It should be mine to destroy then." They brushed passed a clot of people who paid them little more than a glance. "Everything I once loved...everything we swore to protect, and they waste it."
Kaylin smiled, "They just don't know that's all." She paused. Hours ago she had been one of those individuals,   had been gifted for a chance at a normal life, but he
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 1 0
Frost Chapter 1
The snow had begun falling on the first day of the summer solstice and had not ceased in the three months that had followed. The once vibrant and colorful landscapes of Monteforden had grown silent, ghostly. The song chords carried across the land were not brought on by bird but instead by the bitter winds whipping around those either too brave or too stupid to avoid them. The woman didn't count herself as brave or stupid, just unlucky. The snow banks stretched on forever. The woman walked through them slowly, holding her cloak close to her body, her teeth chattering and her muscles burning. She pulled her hood over her head and exhaled only to have a gale that had somehow swooped down into the valley brush around her, freezing her movements in its wake. It wasn't the first time strange weather patterns that had befallen the land, but somehow, she doubted anyone whose path she crossed would recall that first time. She couldn't recall it exactly, something about angry gods and goddesses
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
Odyssey Project Ch.3 Winds of Memory
When she opens her eyes there is calmness. She licks her lips, cracked and dry and metallic with the taste of blood. Images flood her mind, foreign ideas from worlds she has long since forgotten. But she doesn't see him there.
Who was Darus? How would she recognize him? But then there is a rush of warmth through her at the thought of him, and she knows that when they meet she will know.
Her fingers run over the worn spine of Jackson's book hesitant. So many endings, but only one where she is victorious,  four where she survives. She exhales slowly cracking open the book, pawing lightly through the delicate pages until she sees the word.
Light flashes around her once more. Winds encircle her form. Gusts fierce enough that for a moment she fears she will be ripped in two. She grits her teeth struggling to keep hold of the book. She recalls these winds, recalls the feeling of being whipped about like a child's doll.
And then she is falling, the gale carrying her diss
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0
It had been after sunset when he had finally set out to the abandoned shrine. The two horses pulled along the cart slowly, fighting through the thick mud of early spring. The sun had clung on that day, only to be extinguished by the lingering chill of winter and the darkness that could stretch on forever if the opportunity presented itself. The cart's driver pulled his cloak closer to his form only to have the wind brush it back. His body shook, but whether it was from the cold or the sense of excitement coursing through his veins he couldn't tell. He glanced back at the cloth sack in the cart and grinned. If the offering worked he wouldn't feel anything near cold ever again.
The first order of business after he made the offering, he decided, was going to be changing his name. Immortality would be a fantastic thing but, not if his name was lackluster, no one named Altus had ever struck fear in anyone's heart. He had decided while loading his cargo that evening that somewhere in his nam
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 2 1
A Game of Kings Chapter 8
Morning came with thick grey clouds and the promise of a shower on the graduation ceremony. Arthur studied the sky before checking his watch. The air was thick and muggy making him happy he'd chosen not to wear a tie that day. It had been decided that the crew would meet at the university, sit together through the graduation and then proceed to the warehouse afterwards. Arthur had been concerned about whether or not Ariadne would be willing to forsake the opportunity for a celebration with her peers after they collected their diplomas, or to meet with family but she had shrugged such ideas off citing her anxiety to get to work building as soon as possible. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his trousers, shaking his head at her incorrigibility towards their craft as he walked down the street.
The air of awkwardness had shifted after their collision in the lobby the evening before. It had not occurred to Arthur that Ariadne could harbor feelings similar to his own, and now that he
:iconmirrorweiss:MirrorWeiss 0 0

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The Queen's Gambit

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Excessive snow over the past few days (with much more to come) has freed up time to begin writing again. With a variety of stories that have been left hanging, my main focus has been on closing these stories up so I can begin work on new projects. "A Game of Kings" will be the story to definitely dominate. The Inception fandom has cooled a bit in the past few years which is to be expected of most movie based fandoms but I am not deterred. True the updates have been rare in the past few year, I can promise you that the story has never been far from the front burner.

I also hope to debut a new website in the next few months. Stay posted for more information!


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